Summer Diet Tips: Jumpstart Your Summer Weight Loss Journey With This Fat-Burning Vegetable

Now that the summers are here, it’s time to flaunt those summer dresses and shorts, beach hats and sunscreen lotions. A lot of us may have worked extra hard to reach ourweight loss goals to show off our summer wardrobe with confidence. But a lot of us may be still struggling to lose those last extra pounds that just refuse to budge. A little bit of diet modification and some extra hours in the gym, may go a long way in helping you achieve your respective weight loss goals, just in time for summer vacations. The easiest way to cut calories from your meals and to fasten your weight loss process is to add some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to your summer diet and bell pepperis one such vegetable that you should be eating this summer.

Bell peppers are delicious and very versatile, as well as very easy to cook with. Let’s look at the nutritional benefits of bell peppers to convince you to add them to your diet.

Bell Peppers Nutrition

Bell peppers, or sweet peppers or capsicum are a variety of less pungent peppers, which are enjoyed in a variety of ways. You have seen them at your grocery shops in three different colours- red, yellow and green. Bell peppers are extremely low in calories and make for great diet foods. A 100 gm serving of bell peppers contains just 20 calories (as per data by the United States Department of Agriculture)! They have almost zero fat and no cholesterol and are low in carbohydrates as well. They are extremely rich in the antioxidant vitamin C, which enhances skin quality and boosts immunity. Red bell peppers are especially good for the eyes and even the heart.


These bright bell peppers are a healthy vegetable to include in your diet

Bell Peppers For Weight Loss

Bell peppers may also aid weight loss when added to your summer diet, as they are known to help burn fat faster. This capacity of the bell peppers is credited to the presence of the compound capsaicin. In fact, the name capsicum has been derived from the name of this molecule. This colourless, odourless natural compound is said to increase metabolism through the process of thermogenesis. The process is basically production of heat inside the body, which results in oxidation of fat molecules. A study published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, said that consuming as little as 6 mg of capsaicin per day may result in loss of abdominal fat. The compound is also known to suppress appetite and hence, help you manage your weight.

Bell Pepper Recipes For Weight Loss

Here are three bell pepper recipes to jumpstart your summer weight loss:

1. Yellow Pepper and Asparagus Stir Fry Recipe 

This recipe combines two excellent low-calorie vegetables- yellow bell peppers and asparagus. Get your summer nutrition right with this delicious and light recipe.

2. Roasted Bell Pepper and Broccoli Salad Recipe 

Broccoli is an all-season diet superfood, which can have excellent benefits for your overall well-being. This salad is delicious, crunchy and makes for an excellent between-meal snack or even a low-carb dinner.

3. Stuffed Paneer Capsicum Recipe

Endowed with the protein boost of paneer or cottage cheese in grilled, deseeded capsicum, this recipe makes a delicious starter for house parties and even a delicious diet food.


These stuffed capsicums are a treat to devour.

These bell pepper recipes are super easy and can be easily tried at home. So get cracking on your weight loss goals by including this healthy vegetable in your summer diet and get in shape to flaunt your favourite summer clothes. 

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