Fire in ‘Escape Room’ in Poland kills multiple teens, injures one, police say

A blaze erupted at a Poland-based “Escape Room” location and claimed the lives of multiple teenagers, officials said Friday.

The deadly inferno started at roughly 5 p.m., according to Monika Kosiec, a police spokeswoman in Koszalin.

All of the deceased individuals were 15-year-old girls, according to Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski. Their remains were recovered from the scene after responders extinguished the fire, Kosiec said.

The fire also injured a 25-year-old man, who suffered burns and was transported to the hospital, the police official said.

In a translated tweet, Brudzinski expressed his sympathies for the victim’s families. He also ordered fire safety controls in all “Escape Rooms.”

In an “Escape Room” game, the players are locked inside a room or building and must find clues that help them get out.